Additional Endorsement Pathway: Overview

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Program Description

The Michigan Alternate Route to Certification (M-ARC) additional endorsement pathway allows practicing teachers who currently hold standard or professional certification in the State of Michigan to add endorsements to their certification while remaining in the classroom. Teachers in M-ARC receive ongoing, content-specific training and development from University of Michigan teacher educators for three (3) years.

During the program, candidates must be placed by their employers to teach in the content area for which they are seeking endorsements through M-ARC. M-ARC additional endorsement candidates begin teaching under interim certificates in their new content areas immediately upon entrance to the program.

M-ARC is a non-credit bearing continuing education offering of the University of Michigan School of Education. The M-ARC program fee is $3000 per year. There is an opportunity for participants in this program to apply to master’s programs at the School of Education. Those who enroll in a master’s program or Non-candidate for Degree (NCFD) will receive graduate credit for a portion of M-ARC program coursework; U-M graduate tuition rates apply to these options, in addition to M-ARC program fees.

Available Endorsement Areas

Through the M-ARC program, teachers can earn additional endorsements in the following content areas:

ELEMENTARY (grades K-8)

  • Elementary Education: All Subjects (K-5) & Self-Contained Classroom (6-8)
  • The following endorsements can be added to an elementary teaching certificate:
    • Language Arts (6-8)
    • Mathematics (6-8)
    • Integrated Science (6-8)
    • Social Studies (6-8)
    • Spanish (K-8)
    • English as a Second Language

SECONDARY  (grades 6-12)

  • The following endorsements can be added to a secondary teaching certificate:
    • English
    • Mathematics
    • Science (Integrated Science, Biology, Chemistry, Earth/Space Science, or Physics)
    • Social Studies (Social Studies, Economics, History, or Political Science)
    • World Languages (French, German, Italian, Latin, or Spanish)
    • English as a Second Language

To determine if an endorsement aligns with your teaching placement, please review the Michigan Department of Education’s Quick Reference: Courses that Can be Taught document.


The M-ARC additional endorsement pathway is open to teachers who:

  • hold valid MI standard or professional certification
  • seek to add an endorsement in one of the content areas listed above
  • have completed at least one year of successful teaching practice, with average professional evaluation ratings of “effective” or higher
  • earned a minimum 2.95 GPA in their bachelor’s degree program
  • pass the MTTC in the areas for which they are seeking additional endorsements
  • complete CPR/First Aid training and a program-specific criminal background check
  • have secured teaching placements in content areas that align with their desired endorsement areas in schools within the State of Michigan
  • have documented support from their employers in completing the expectations of the M-ARC program


Participants will:

  • participate in M-ARC for 3 years, which includes:
    • field supervision by University of Michigan teacher educators
    • seminar sessions during years 1 & 2, led by University of Michigan teacher educators and held at UM-Dearborn (virtual participation may be available).
    • peer collaboration
    • guided compilation of a professional learning portfolio
  • teach at least one course in their desired endorsement content area throughout each of the 3 years in the program
  • complete required documentation for standard certification during the final year
  • remit program fees totaling $9,000 ($3,000 in Years 1, 2, & 3). For detailed payment information, please visit the Additional Endorsement Pathway: Payment, Leave & Withdrawal page. Note: The M-ARC program is a non-credit bearing continuing education offering of the School of Education.

What do our participants have to say about the additional endorsement pathway? Read the testimonial below to find out!

Q: What do you enjoy about the additional endorsement program?

A: “The additional endorsement program is an affordable pathway that provides teachers with support as they enter into their new subject, so teachers always have someone to turn to. The majority of program mentors are current or former K-12 teachers, so they understand what is expected of teachers. The class structure of the M-ARC program is set up in a way that allows teachers to focus more on their teaching; the topics that are presented in class are relevant to what most teachers are dealing with in their own schools.” -Christine Chaparro, Additional Endorsement Candidate, 2017 Cohort


For a description of the enrollment process and links to relevant application and enrollment forms, please visit the Additional Endorsement Pathway: Enrollment page.

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